Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 9th a day late

Today we had our final full practice before performance day. We spent the morning practicing gamelan and learning about colonialism in Indonesia. The practice went well considering that we were missing Basil due to his appendicitis scare. We were all relieved to see him back at the hotel by lunch with news that he did not need the surgery.
During lunch Frances and I formally interviewed Tarika, our Balinese dance instructor and guide, for our blog entry project. As I walked back inside I was welcomed by the sound of a shimmering round drum-like instrument and the sight of the smoothest wooden alto saxophone I had ever seen (both made by our gamelan instructor, Wayen). I felt like I was in a trace all afternoon after I playing the sax.
In the afternoon some students played games in the pool with Balinese children while others went for a run on the boardwalk, swam to a little island and/or went shopping in town. Carrie recorded where everyone was while she lounged on the beach with half a dozen Balinese women giving her massages, pedicures and manicures.
For dinner a few others and I enjoyed traditional bowl of local meats, fishes, vegetables and rice all for less than $2 at the local night market. The market was full of live and character. We even watched a precession of Balinese parade down the street in preparation for the upcoming New Year. We came back to the hotel full with new Balinese items, exotic fruit, fresh pastries and tired feet.

Please enjoy some of my pictures from today!

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