Friday, March 8, 2013

March 8, by Amanda Excursion day- Today we went to 3 different places, a Balinese Musical High School, a Green Temple and a traditional market. At the High School named SMK Negeri 3 Sukawati, the students and teachers welcomed us with a musical presentation, 22 students played the Balinese Gamelan and the teacher said that it took only one week for them to learn a piece that was around 7 minutes long. Right after that, some of the dance students preformed a traditional Balinese dance, male and female (the girls danced the same choreography we have been learning and it was really nice to see it preformed by a group that knows it very well). The dancers invited us to join them to do the choreography Tarika taught us during the time that we have been here, correcting our movements and dance positions. Later on we made our way over to the Presentation Hall, we watched an amazing music and dance presentation. Two female students danced the traditional Balinese dance, a presentation of the mythology animal “Barong” also occurred. After visiting the school, we went to have lunch at a restaurant named “Bebek Bengil” where the best dish was the Crispy Duck. The Goa Gojah Temple we visited was amazing and it was surrounded by native vegetation. Everything was so green and absolutely incredible! To finish our day we went shopping. The tradition market offered a variety of Balinese food and handmade clothes, artistic souvenirs and touristic stuff ( I heart Bali).

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