Friday, March 8, 2013

March 7 by Lina
Hi all! Today was our ninth day in Bali and it started unusually early
for all of us. The ceremony that Wayan was supposed to join by playing
the drums took place today, so that we got to leave at 7.30 in the
morning already. But luckily the early waking-up was worth it, because
I have never seen something so intensively and amazing cultural
ritual. From the moment we got into Wayan’s house temple, everything
you were able to see was traditional and focused on Balinese culture.
Women carrying the offerings crossed our way, Wayan and many other
Balinese playing the traditional instruments and men dressed in
unusual clothes covering their faces with masks of which I and a few
others even got scared in the first moment. It was basically one of
the most impressing things I have ever seen in my life.
After the rain disturbed the ceremony for some time, we went to the
house of one of Wayan’s friends to have another traditional Balinese
lunch that especially the boys enjoyed, because of the big meat
selection. After this little rest we continued our way to the biggest
Balinese fabric for the producing of the typical sarong and other
Balinese customs. It was amazing to see the toughness this kind of
producing requires and we all got excited and could not believe that
all was handmade while one of the staff taught us about every
machine’s function and how exactly those materials are created. After
also having the opportunity to buy those finish surroundings and other
stuff in the shop we went to another place where all the traditional
instruments are created. Since it is one of the biggest ones in Bali,
I got pretty impressed by the tough process. After any
explanation by the owner of the fabric Mrs. Clark and Mr. Sacks
decided to get two original Balinese cymbols as souvenir for the
school. Then we finally got back to the hotel and had still time to
relax, before some of a us, including me, went out for dinner to
fulfill this great day!

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