Monday, March 11, 2013

March 10, By Basil

Although sad, today was somewhat refreshing, at least for me, as it was better than spending the day in the hospital. After a good nights sleep, we began rehearsals at around 10 am and they went swimmingly. First the girls performed their dance routine while the boys filmed them. Tarika (our guide,) made last minute adjustments and kept morales high with her shining smile. Next came time for everyone to sit at their instruments and begin practicing our Gamelan. It was hard for me to get back into the swing of things after missing a day of practice due to illness but eventually it worked itself out.

After a few rounds of playing the song we proceeded into the movie room and watched a film on Balinese history. Once over, everyone proceeded to do their own thing and relax  before the big performance. Before the performance, the girls had to meet at 4:30 to get their hair and makeup done. The instructors did a wonderful job making the girls look jaw dropping beautiful with thick accents on the eyebrows and blue, red and yellow eye shadow. They were also provided with stunning costumes. The guys wore button down shirts, sarongs, sashes and headbands. We all took pictures together and played with the instructors kids before heading over to the restaurant for the performance.

The girls started off with the dance and they did a fabulous job. The audience responded with thunderous applause and then it was everyones time to shine with the instruments. It wasn't flawless but the audience seemed stunned with how well we did. Once finished the pressure was off and everyone lit up with smiles on their faces. A lone dancer went up on stage and then went into the audience and picked out people to dance on stage with her. Everyone had a good chuckle with that and then finally we went our separate ways and proceeded to have dinner.

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