Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday the 5th

Selemat pagi! Hello! Today, Tuesday, we started off the day with a delicious breakfast comprised of fresh Balinese fruit and rice, noodles, and pancakes! In music class we progressed tremendously in perfecting the Gamelan. We learned the last parts of the performance, which were fun and made use of our mouths. Sofia’s song was translated and she performed for the first time in context to the Gamelan. In dance class, we practiced Pendent, the form of dance we are learning, and watched a video of ourselves performing it! We also watched videos of other groups performing the dance. After classes, we took a fifteen-minute drove to a restaurant on a beautiful beach. From our hotel, you can’t see the sunset because we are on the east side of Bali, so the view from the restaurant would have been very new and beautiful, but it was so cloudy today! However, the cloudiness made the ocean a beautiful color and we took great pictures, and had SO much fun. At the restaurant we tried delicious fresh Balinese fish and vegetables sautéed with delicious spices and sauces, and pineapple and coconut juice. After dinner, some of us walked to a great gelato store, which Dillon approved as “VERY Eat Pray Love”. Overall, it was a great day!                

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